Mulga x The Little Marionette Tee - Sand

We’re excited to share with you this limited edition collaboration with Mulga the artist x Marionette tee!

Mulga is Joel Moore, renowned Australian street artist, freelance illustrator, muralist, published author and designer of the much loved Mulga product range. Known for his unique Australian creations and signature style of intricate line work and bright colours, Mulga’s creations grace walls and objects across the world.

After having his first art show and launching his art career in 2012 he left his finance job in 2014 to become a full time art dude. Mulga loves the beach and surfing and his summer inspired designs bring to life a world where tropical bearded men run rampant, tigers wear diamond sunglasses and gorillas rule the world like some kind of funky planet of the apes.

We are super stoked with our Mulga Mug Tees - these are a limited run, so grab one while you can!


Navy with Mulga artwork on the back.

100% cotton - AS Colour Staple t-shirt. Unisex.


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