Coffee Subscriptions

Want your favourite Little Marionette coffee beans delivered directly to your door? Choose one of our coffee subscriptions and you’ll never run out of coffee again! Singles, blends, whole beans, or ground – tell us what you’d like, and we’ll customise the subscription for you.

All your favourite Little Marionette blends and single origins are available through our coffee bean subscriptions and we ship Australia wide so there’s no need to worry about re-ordering, the beans will keep on coming directly to your door.

All Little Marionette coffee bean subscriptions are ongoing but you’re welcome to put your subscription on hold or stop it at any time. You can also change your beans and grind should you want to try something new.

For a smooth blend with rich chocolate and caramel flavours choose our popular House Blend. Sanchez is our darkest and most intense blend, perfect for those summer ice coffees. If you’re after something a bit more elegant and fruitier, go for Legs 11. Good afternoon, how do you like my hat? is our half caf blend, giving you that afternoon kick but still lets you sleep at night.

To explore the world of coffee, choose one of our single origin subscriptions where a new single will get delivered to you every week, fortnight, or month, depending on which coffee subscription service you choose. 

All Little Marionette coffee beans are manually roasted and creatively blended at our warehouse in Rozelle in Sydney’s Inner West. It’s a labour of love which delivers, not only great tasting coffee, but that distinct Little Marionette flavour.

With a flavour first philosophy, our coffee hunters travel the world in search of the best coffee beans for our blends and the finest single origins. When sourcing, we always seek ethical coffees and sustainable opportunities to give back to the communities from which we source.