Coffee Blends

We manually roast our green beans using a refurbished 1960’s Probat roaster and creatively blend them at our roastery in Rozelle, giving our coffee blends their quintessential Little Marionette flavour. 

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  • House | Blend 1 – The crowd pleaser. A smooth blend with rich flavours of caramel, toffee and shortbread finished with balanced raspberry and citrus acidity, leaving a wholesome buttery mouthfeel. 
  • Sanchez | Blend 7 – The tall, dark and handsome one in the family, Sanchez is our boldest, most full bodied blend. Rich with dark chocolate, black cherry and spice, this blend offers a deep flavour whether in milk or as a black coffee. 
  • Legs 11 | Blend 11 – The sultry one with a perfectly balanced body, rolling mild sweet stone fruits, syrupy berries, and a chocolate finish.
  • Good afternoon, do you like my hat? – The half caff that gives you that afternoon kick and still lets you sleep at night.  

All Little Marionette coffee beans are manually roasted and creatively blended at our warehouse in Rozelle in Sydney’s Inner West. It’s a labour of love which delivers, not only great tasting coffee, but that distinct Little Marionette flavour. We offer free pickup on all orders so pop by and say hi! 

If constantly re-ordering your favourite coffee blend is getting to you, check out our subscriptions. Choose between a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly coffee subscription and you’ll never run out of coffee again! No need to worry about re-ordering, the beans will keep on coming directly to your door.

With a flavour first philosophy, our coffee hunters travel the world in search of the best coffee beans for our blends. When sourcing, we always seek ethical coffees and sustainable opportunities to give back to the communities from which we source.

To get the most out of your Little Marionette beans and brew the best coffee possible at home, check out our brew guides. And if you need any brew gear, visit our store.