The Little Marionette Welcomes Qantas

"Our team creatively roast the finest coffee beans, creating full-bodied and crowd-pleasing blends, small-batch single origins and fresh filter roasts to entertain even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs."

Our Story

It all started with a hole in the wall
The Little Marionette coffee roasters was founded by Ed Cutcliffe with the intention of making great coffee accessible to all. From winning over locals as a hole-in-the-wall café in Sydney's Inner West, we have grown into a specialty roaster at the forefront of the coffee industry in Australia.

Supplying cafés from Tamarama to Times Square
We’ve expanded to ensure that a quality cup of coffee is never far away from Aussies and coffee savants alike, and each of our global outposts replicates the original hole-in-the-wall philosophy that made Australia fall in love with The Little Marionette coffee in the first place.

Flavour-first philosophy
Our coffee hunters scour the world's best coffee regions forming lasting relationships with coffee growers. These partnerships allow us to gather the finest beans from small, naturally-processed lots; never compromising on quality. We manually roast all beans at our specialty coffee roastery in Rozelle in Sydney's Inner West using a refurbished 1930's Probat roaster. It’s a labour of love which delivers, not only great tasting coffee, but that distinct Little Marionette flavour.

Sustainability & The Environment

At The Little Marionette we take a holistic approach to sustainability, our blue means green. We are constantly researching greener initiatives such as;

• Biodegradable and compostable nespresso-compatible pods.
• Developing a solar powered roaster and fully solar operating warehouse
• Removing all plastics from production
• Recycling (chaff and roasting bi-product back to farm)
• Supporting organic, eco and bio-dynamic farming practices.
• Eliminating diesel/petrol fleet vehicles to electric by 2026.

Our take-away packaging includes Truly Eco-Cups (the first plastic-free, purely paper
and recyclable cups) as well as Bagasse Lids (a fully recyclable sugarcane pulp lid). 
Packaging accounts for 3% of the coffee supply chains total carbon footprint. Foil coffee bags are partially to blame, they are multi-layered and what makes them non-recyclable
is the foil. It’s fused to a thin layer of plastic. When it comes time to recycle the two cannot be separated, so it is impossible.
As coffee and planet lovers, The Little Marionette have tackled this head on and developed eco-friendly coffee bags made from Linea low density polyethylene. This means no foil lining is required, making them completely recyclable.


Our Social Responsibility

Initiatives we work with and support

Machinery for efficiency and consistency

Faster, reliable and semi-automated - we provide machinery that ensures consistently delicious coffee every time.

We are Organic, Sustainable and striving to do better for our planet.

Sourcing our beans, we understand the importance of honouring and supporting a circular economy.

With a favour-first philosophy, our coffee hunters scour the world’s best coffee regions forming lasting relationships with coffee growers. These partnerships allow us to gather the finest beans from small, naturally processed lots; never compromising on quality. When sourcing, we seek ethical coffees and sustainable opportunities to give back to the communities from which we source. The Little Marionette strongly supports women in coffee, and for a long time has been working with phenomenal female growers and producers. One such relationship is with Rosa Alba, third generation biodynamic coffee farmer whom we work closely with each year to produce a new and exciting microlot.

Our coffee bags are made of LDPE and are fully recyclable. 

Our Truly Eco Aqueous takeaway paper cups are made with a water based coating (aqueous) that can be either composted or recycled. 

We also have a range of Bagasse Lids available (fully recyclable sugarcane pulp lid).