Little Drippers | Coffee Drip Bags | 7 Pack

For great coffee - when you don't have a great amount of time! 

100% Specialty coffee, just pour over hot water! This box contains 7 sachets. 

This Ethiopian single-origin is roasted here in our Sydney Roastery in our vintage 1937 Probat roaster. This is quick, easy specialty coffee, just the way you like it. 

The coffee you know and love - without the fuss! 

To brew, simply; 

- Open your sachet and tear off the top of your Dripper

- Shake to level the coffee and place the arms onto your cup

- Slowly pour hot water (92 - 94°C) Approx 200mL 

- Remove and discard the used Dripper, add water/milk to taste and enjoy! 



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