Chemex Filters | Bonded Squares | 100 Pack

Get brewin’ with these Chemex pre-folded natural square filters. Use together with your Chemex coffeemaker for the best pour over coffee experience. Fits all Chemex Coffeemakers except CM-1, CM-1C, CM-1GH.

All Chemex Coffeemakers used together with the scientifically designed, patented Chemex Bonded Filters, will guarantee that your pour over brewing process will deliver the perfect cup of coffee, without any sediments or bitter elements.

This box contains 1 x Chemex Bonded Filters Pre-folded Natural Squares (100 Per Pack).

Why Chemex coffee filters?

  • Cone-shape ensures uniform extraction for pure coffee flavour.
  • Thicker (20-30% more than the competition) specialty fibre filter design keep bitter elements, oils, and grounds in their place (and out of your cup).
  • Pre-folded for your convenience.
  • Fits all Chemex Coffeemakers except CM-1, CM-1C, CM-1GH.
  • Will fit most other cone-shaped filter coffeemakers.
  • Removes impurities, acidity, unhealthy and bitter elements from the coffee. In your brewed cup you will find only the caffeine and desirable aromatic oils of the coffee beans. 
  • Works well with all types of roasts- even tea! Allowing you to make the perfect and most pure cup, every time.
  • The filter paper is manufactured in the USA and uses only USA materials.
  •  Responsibly harvested and conforming to SFI, FSC, and PEFC sustainable programs.
  • Compostable and biodegradable.
  • Easy clean-up. No trays, no baskets, just simply remove the filter and discard.

We’re partial to The Little Marionette filter coffee for pour over but feel free to experiment and explore our full coffee range including blends and single origins.

If you constantly find yourself running out of coffee, check out our coffee subscriptions and have your favourite beans delivered directly to your door.

To get the best out of your freshly roasted The Little Marionette coffee beans and learn how to perfect your Chemex pour over brew technique, check out our online brew guide


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