Chemex® Ottomatic Brewer

Science. Design. Coffee.

Brought to you by Marco and CHEMEX® the Ottomatic® coffeemaker provides barista quality coffee at home. The Ottomatic® coffeemaker uses innovative spray-head technology, exclusively designed for the iconic CHEMEX® Coffeemaker. With an ice-coffee mode and pulse-brewing technology that allows for even extraction, the Ottomatic® coffeemaker is the perfect at-home filter coffee brewer or small office kitchens.


1 x Ottomatic® Brewer

1 x Chemex®  glass 6–cup carafe with a wooden collar and rawhide tie

1 x Glass coffee maker cover

Sample pack of 10 Bonded CHEMEX® Bonded Filters



Iced coffee mode

Staged brewing cycle with a pulsing water bath

Dimensions 279 x 190 x 292MM (DxWxH)

Brew capacity 0.8L

Power @220V 1.2kW

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