Aeropress Brew Guide

Aeropress Brew Guide
  1. Fill your kettle and set to boil. If you have an adjustable temperature, set to 94 degrees celsius.
  2. Weigh out coffee beans or fine to medium grind as follows:
    - 16.5g coffee for 1 cup or 230g of water
    - 33g coffee for 2 cups or 460g of water
  3. Insert filter paper into Aeropress lid, thoroughly rinsing filter with hot water.
  4. Attach the rubber stopper about 1cm away from the base. Do not attach the lid yet!
  5. Turn the Aeropress upside down so the rubber stopper is facing upwards.
  6. Place Aeropress on scale, add ground coffee and tare/set to zero. Add water and gently stir for 10 seconds, add lid and steep for one minute total.
  7. Place your cup upside down on top of the Aeropress, grip the cup and Aeropress together then flip so cup sits right way up with Aeropress on top ready for plunging.
  8. Very gently plunge for around one minute until you reach just above the coffee grounds. Do not press further as this will produce a bitter flavour.
  9. Remove cap, push

Click here to view our printable PDF Aeropress Brew Guide.

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