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TLM at TEDxSydney

TEDxSydney 2017

Friday 16th June 2017

The Little Marionette is proud to partner with TEDxSydney 2017 as the exclusive coffee supplier at the event to be held at the ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour, on Friday 16 June.

The Little Marionette is a specialty coffee roaster at the forefront of boutique coffee in Australia. Beans are selected, roasted and brought to life in crowd pleasing blends and seasonal single origin small batch roasts to please the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

As coffee slurping nerds, we’re always excited to have our coffee find its way into the hands of similarly passionate individuals and stimulate conversation at amazing events such as TEDxSydney.

Coffee will be served throughtout the day at TEDxSydney. Traditional espresso based coffee, using The Little Marionette’s ‘House’ blend, will be on offer as well as alternative brew methods. In conjunction with TEDxSydney’s 2017 theme – ‘Unconventional’ – these alternative brew methods will offer a unique experience on the day made with premium single origin beans and cascara.

On our espresso machines we’ll be serving one of our most popular blends – House – notes of caramel and chocolate with light citrus fruit tones and balanced acidity.

If you’re a black coffee drinker you’ll enjoy our alternative brews – on batch brew will be a single origin roast Indonesia, Solok, West Sumatra, and Ethiopia, Mormora, Guji, Sidamo.

And for something not quite coffee but related – sparkling cascara – a cold carbonated tisane made from the dried cherries of Geisha coffee plants from Panama. Coffee beans are extracted from the fruit and this fruit is usually discarded or used as fertilizer on the plantations. Great attention to detail in drying and processing the beans takes presidence in order to deliver the most prized coffee beans and coffee as we know it. This Panama, Geisha cascara has been given the same amount of time and care in drying and storing in order to deliver a beautiufl, fruity tea drink. You can find Cascara in our shop for a very limited time only.

If you’re lucky enough to have a ticket – come grab a coffee to keep you focused on all the amazing talks!

Last year’s TEDxSYDNEY was a great success!