Barista Training Voucher


Learn espresso basics at The Little Marionette roastery in Rozelle.

Barista Basics is our most popular course for those who have little or no experience with espresso coffee preparation. This training session will cover everything from coffee selection to grind adjustment, from shot extraction to steaming milk perfectly. By the end of the class, we expect you to be able to (at least!) make a beautiful latte and a flawlessly extracted espresso.

Beyond Barista Basics is a course for those already in the industry. We can tailor the session to your unique needs. You may want further guidance with your latte art or you may want to know more about coffee tasting, single origins, blend attributes or different methods of extraction.

Our courses run for approximately 2 hours, and our trainers are available between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.


At The Little Marionette, we love to share our knowledge with those who want to learn. Whether you’d like to impress family and friends on your home coffee machine with some special skills, brush up on your coffee knowledge or become the best barista in the business, we’re here to help.

We offer an intensive, 2-hour session at our roastery in Rozelle. Under the expert guidance of our experienced coffee mentors, you’ll understand the origins of coffee, learn the ins and outs of grinding, dosing and extracting coffee, milk texturing and pouring.