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PNG | Eastern Highlands Province, Marawaka

Cup characteristics: berry, chocolate aroma, zesty tangelo acidity, uplifting stone fruits, and green apple, roasted nuts, nice lingering cacao aftertaste.

Welcome to Marawaka! Only coming into contact with the outside world in 1968, with no roads connecting to the area, this is the first harvest from this village to make it out, and into the world of specialty coffee! Marawaka is located a 3 day hike across rugged mountain terrain, plus a 14-hour drive to the nearest mill. The Marawaka group of female coffee growers emerged when their coffee sample was brought to the mill in August 2018 through the efforts of coffee entrepreneur, Priscilla Manove, who wants to see women engage more actively and successfully in the coffee business.

Height | 1800 MASL

Varietal | Typica, Arusha

Process | washed

Crop |  2019 Harvest

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Filter Paper, Espresso, French Press, Whole Beans