Malawi | Phoka Hills Women’s Project, Nyika National Park




Malawi | Phoka Hills Women’s Project Nyika National Park

Cup characteristics: Nutty, caramel aromas, chocolate, plum, vanilla, winey, cherry, red apple skin, orange zest, refreshing, a delicate berry sweetness.

Phoka Hills is located to the eastern part of Nyika National Park and forms part of the Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union. It is a democratic and empowered union of member farmers who have been growing coffee since the 1930s. Nearly 25% of the members are women and thanks to Fairtrade and their commitment to producing high-quality coffees, they have been able to provide good living conditions, food security and access to quality education to every smallholder coffee farming family who forms part of the cooperative.

Height | 1400-2500 MASL

Varietal | Catimor 129, Geisha Nyika

Process | washed

Crop |  2019 Harvest

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Filter Paper, Espresso, French Press, Whole Beans