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Colombia | Bella Rosalba, Consaca, Narino

Cup characteristics: Crisp red apples and cocoa, juicy mouthfeel with stone fruits and hints of red grapes. Rich chocolate tones throughout, toffee and plum finish.

The Narino region is situated very close to the Equator Line, allowing the coffee plantations to receive more perpendicular solar luminosity. This proximity to the Equator offers the opportunity for coffee to be planted as high as 2,100 meters. The high attitude and mild temperature helps to slow down the maturation of the cherries. This slow maturation process increases the sweetness of the coffee. We are very pleased to be working with producer Rosa Alba for a second year in a row, this time with a Red Honey process.

Height | 1820 MASL

Varietal | Colombia, Castillo

Process | red honey

Crop |  2018 Harvest

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Filter Paper, Espresso, French Press, Whole Beans