CASCARA | Panama, Geisha


A very limited edition Cascara. Try this fruity tisane as an alternative to your usual cup of coffee or tea. Great hot or iced! Easy to brew at home.

Available online for a limited time only.


CASCARA | Panama, Geisha | 120g

Cup characteristics: this beautiful tisane is packed with intense raisin aromas, rich apricot jam, stewed red apple, notes of mandarin and sultana sweetness.

This cascara from Panama is the dried coffee cherry of the prized coffee varietal Geisha which is usually discarded during pulping or used as fertiliser. The seeds of the coffee plant are harvested and processed with the highest attention to detail creating the perfect cup of coffee as we know it. This cascara has been treated with the same great care in order to create an equally exciting cup. Very easy to brew at home – steep 10 – 20 grams of cascara (adjust according to taste) in 2 – 4 cups of boiled water for around 4 minutes and strain.

Perfect hot or cold or when you can’t decide between tea and coffee – have something inbetween.

Crop | 2017 Harvest

Try this hot or as a naturally sweet, refreshing and fruity iced tea!