Proudly Pouring | Mrs Underwood, Stanmore

The first thing you notice when you wander into Mrs Underwood is that the pace isn’t frenetic – rather, it’s the kind of slow and gentle setting that reminds you of a small-town café, not a bustling inner-city one. The café is dotted with quiet freelancers slowly sipping on a brew as they work, old friends laughing over endless pots of tea, and a woman balancing her bub on her hip chatting to the staff like they’ve known each other forever.

Run by long-time food industry veteran Rebecca Perry-Mathews, Mrs Underwood does simple, well. There’s an impressive cabinet of freshly-baked delights, a small menu with a focus on seasonal ingredients and, well, exceptional coffee (if we do say so ourselves).

Everything is prepared freshly daily – you’ll find Rebecca in the café baking pastries, cakes, salads and sandwiches from 4:30 am, getting the cabinet stocked for the day. You won’t find a kitchen teaming with pre-prepped food and more chefs than you can count here. It’s just Rebecca, and you can taste the love, care and attention-to-detail laced through everything she hand-prepares, from her famous preserves and jams to her unique pies and out-of-this-world pastries.

For Rebecca, Mrs Underwood is about a few simple things – real food, great coffee, cultivating community and slowing down. A true community cornerstone, the café aims to cultivate long-lasting, meaningful relationships amidst the anonymity and lack of connection that is too often synonymous with big ‘ol cities like Sydney.

She doesn’t buy into a surface-level money-for-goods model – the experience of coming to Mrs Underwood is more than grabbing a coffee and bite on the go. It’s the place where the barista knows your name, your coffee order, and your story. It’s the place that invites you to slow down a moment to really appreciate the food you’re eating, while you exchange a smile with the woman who lovingly prepared it before dawn. It’s the place to grab a book, meet a friend, and take a step back from our busy lives while you sip on a stellar Little Marionette brew.

Visit Mrs Underwood at 16 Douglas Street, Stanmore | Follow Mrs Underwood on Instagram and Facebook.