Kenya | Mara Coffee - Narok County

Cup characteristics: Blueberry, Quince, Frozen Yoghurt

Process | Natural

Varietal |  Batian, Ruiru 11

MASL | 1600 - 1800

Mara Coffee was founded in 2019. As coffee production is quite new in this area, the farm was freshly set up from the ground. The area Mara is located is very favourable for growing coffee, however historically the local tribe, the Masai people, have been pastoral nomads. 

Currently the farm is processing most of their coffee as natural. For this process, they are fermenting the cherry in barrels for 4 days and then drying on raised beds. Before putting the cherries inside the barrels, they are carefully handpicked in order to remove the defective ones. 

The farm has established a nursery in order to have a stable supply of seedlings. They have started handing out seedlings to surrounding farmers, in order to offer them a stable cash crop and increase coffee production in the area.  


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