Ethiopia | Girma Bekele - Kochere Woreda, Guji

Cup characteristics: Marshmallow, Wild Cherry, Lemon


Process | Natural
Varietal | Wolisho, Kurume, Dega
MASL | 1700 - 1900 

Girma Bekele is a motivated smallholder coffee producer based in Biloya village. He is one of the few in his area who pre-float their coffee cherries ensuring that only the ripest cherries, ensuring that only the ripest and sweetest ones end up in your cup. This specific lot is a blend of the Walisho, Dega, and Kurume varieties, selected specifically by Girma for their productivity and superior cup quality. 

Due to the Ethiopian government changing laws, Girma is now able to directly participate in the international coffee market experimenting with different coffee types. 

Girma likes to experiment with different types of processing techniques and in 2019/20 he produced some exceptionally high-quality natural and anaerobic natural coffees. 

This Ethiopian single-origin coffee is suitable for espresso, plunger, V60, Aeropress, and Chemex. To get the best out of your beans and to learn more about different brewing techniques check out our brew guides


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