Costa Rica | Solis & Codero - Los Santos, Candy Natural

Cup characteristics: Strawberry, Pineapple, Sugar Plum, Mango

Process |  Natural Yeast 96 hour Fermentation

Varietal | Caturra

MASL | 1800

Ivan Solis has worked in coffee his entire life. This includes coffee growing, processing and quality control. With his savings, some help from financial institutions and his family they would go on to start Solis & Cordero Mircomill in 2017. It truly is a family business and Ivan enjoys using it as a tool to teach his children in continuing the family tradition of coffee production. It is also in place to support many of those same coffee growers that Ivan got to meet while picking up coffee fruit from receiving stations as a young man. 

Hand-picked and then processed by floater separation, the coffee is fermented in cherry for 96 hours using "Mosto", a natural yeast that is extracted from the same fermentation. Then, it is dried in the sun on African beds for approximately 17 days - this creates the intensity and explosion of flavour in this brew.  


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