Costa Rica | Fatima - Tres Milagros

Cup characteristics: Caramelised Peach, Red Plum, Burnt Orange

Process | Red Honey
Varietal | Red Bourbon
MASL | 1600 - 1700

Fatima is a vertically integrated company where the Facusse family owns the farm as well as the wet mill that dries the cherries. 

The Tres Milagros Farm has been in the Facusse Family for over 50 years. The farm was originally planted with Bourbon and Catuai. Through time specialty coffee has become the focus. Over the past decade Tres Milagros has been a place for Agricultural innovation, with a quality focus on varietals. Aside from having a blessed location for producing magnificent quality, the care and practices are exemplary. 

A deep level of expertise in processing provides the final crucial step required to produce the complex and very interesting flavours that this amazing farm/mill delivers. 


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