Colombia | Santa Monica - Huila Region

Cup characteristics: Red Plum, Cacao, Passionfruit

Process | Washed
Varietal | Caturra Chiroso
MASL | 1700 - 1900

There are few countries more famous for their coffee than Colombia. And within Colombia, no region produces more coffee than Huila, a mountainous escarpment lying in the southwest. 

Santa Monica Farm is a small farm of 6 hectares located in El Libano Village, 40 minutes drive from Bruselas town. The Bruselas region is known for it's high altitude and favourable growing conditions. 

The Daza family work this small farm with their two sons Alexis and Diago. Their sons have seen coffee as a way to follow what their parents have taught them and are expanding their knowledge of coffee and it's processing. 

The Santa Monica varietal is a Caturra Chiroso - most likely a mutation of the Caturra variety, originally cultivated for it's resilience and high productivity in the cool climate and high elevations of the area, it is now being celebrated for its complex and floral cup profile. 


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