Peru | Cafe Femenino - CECANOR

Cup characteristics: Orange, Liquorice, Red Grape

Fair Trade - FLO ID 27894

Process | Washed
Varietal | Typica
MASL | 1000 - 1700

Central De Servicios Cafetaleros Del Nor Oriente (CECANOR) is a cooperative of women coffee farmers from the Lambayeque region of Peru. Established in 1999 as a partnership between three regional cooperatives, CECANOR strives to receive a higher profit margin through direct sales to international markets. 

In 2004 women farmers from Northern Peru began talking with their cooperative leaders about their desire to seperate their coffee from the mens and out of this Cafe Femenino was established. 

The female members of CECANOR feel they put more care into their production, creating a superior product. Since it's inception, the cooperative has been committed to quality production, environmental preservation and community development. 


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