Papua New Guinea | Kabiufa - Riverside Coffee

Cup characteristics: Blackcurrant, Orange, Chocolate

Process | Washed
Varietal | Mixed Varietals 
MASL | 1700 - 1800

Unlike many PNG specialty coffee stories, this coffee initiative does not have a long and rich history. The Riverside Coffee is actually the result of a ver new initiative. A local entrepreneur in Kabiufa, Moses Venapoe, has started buying coffee with a firm focus on the best possible quality. 

Unlike most coffee buyers in the area, Moses set up a cherry buying operation and built a small wet mill area in his own backyard to ensure full control of the wet milling, fermentation and drying of the coffee. 

Behind the wet mill area, Riverside Coffee has set up raised drying beds on which the parchment is carefully sun-dried over a period of 7-9 days. Any obvious remaining impurities are removed from the drying beds by hand. This results in immaculate looking coffee. 

Although Moses has only been operating on a small scale and is only new to the world of coffee, his ability to effectively produce coffee is remarkable. 




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