Honduras | Otoniel Sagastume, Region Santa Barbara

Cup characteristics: Nectarine, Guava, Black Tea

Shaded by oak trees and dried on sheltered raised beds, this coffee is a straight up gem. Combine that with the cool temperatures and high altitudes of the western part of Honduras, this coffee screams summer.

Process | Fully Washed
Varietal | Pacas, Parainema
MASL | 1500

Honduras is a country where around 10% of the entire population live off the coffee supply chain. For Otoniel Sagastume, coffee farming has been in the family for as long as he can remember. In 2015, the search for better prices and higher income saw otoniel transitioning towards the specialty coffee market. He found that going the extra mile to produce high quality coffee was the best way to future proof his farm, Finca Los Robles, for many generations to come. 

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