Ethiopia | Limu Kossa - Jimma Region

Cup characteristics: Kumquat, Sour Plum, Tea-Like


Process | Washed
Varietal | Heirloom
MASL | 1200 - 2000

In the heart of Ethiopian coffee country, at the eastern end of the Oromia Zone, this small lot has been produced by Yidnakachew Dabesa, on a small farm located in the Jimma Zone. This washing station, founded in Limu Kossa is managed by full-time farmers, that focus on cultivating exquisite Ethiopian Heirloom varietals. 

These farms cultivate their varietals to be as close to their wild-grown counterparts as they can, made possible by exceptional agroforestry practices. The plants are grown in the shade of 43 different species of trees, allowing for slow cherry development and beans that are more dense and flavourful. The coffee is harvested during the dry season over several months, washed & lightly fermented to remove all the fruit mucilage, and then laid out to dry on covered raised beds. 



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