Colombia | San Isidro - Huila Region

Cup characteristics: Dried Apricot, Brown Sugar, Red Apple

Process | Washed
Varietal | Caturra, Pink Bourbon, Gesha
MASL | 1800

Oscar's farm, San Isidro, is planted with Pink Bourbon, Gesha and Caturra. These are exciting varieties that are increasingly common in the South of Huila and are known to produce beautiful, complex cups, Oscar's Pink Bourbon microlot is no exception, with his enthusiasm evident in the quality of his processing. Freshly picked coffee cherries are fermented naturally for up to forty-eight hours before pulping. The pulped coffee is then held in his fermentation tank for up to 72 hours, before slowly drying over three weeks in the parabolic dryer. 

Oscar is one of the many young producers that Osito partners with in San Agustin, with most being in their mid-to-late twenties. With this youth comes the energy and passion for producing high-end specialty coffee we're proud to share. 



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