Burundi | Nyagashiha - Akawa Project

Cup characteristics: Fig, Mandarin, Rhubarb, Red Currant

Process | Washed

Varietal |  Red Bourbon 

MASL | 1500

Nyagashiha meaning comes from the historical tree variety that once grew in the Murago region. Nyagashiha washing station is located 86km south of the capital Bujumbura. It is surrounded by steep valleys where most of the land is used by famer/family communities who not only grow coffee but also fruit and vegetables. 

Jean-Baptiste Bigirimana is the manager who oversees the 1172 farmers. Jean-Baptiste is what you call a "yes man", and has been the leading coffee innovator across all the washing stations within the Akawa Project. 

The Nyagashiha mill is one of 13 mills that form the Akawa project. A joint venture between SUCCAM and Supremo, the Akawa Project was created to help producers escape the cycle of poverty in a sustainable and equitable way. 


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