Indonesia | Gunung Tujuh - Sumatra

Cup characteristics: Honey, Milk Chocolate, Winey, Raisins

Process | Anaerobic Honey

Varietal |  Angung Sari, Sigarar Utang

MASL | 1400-1700

With this Anaerobic honey lot, Barokah Cooperative is trying to add to the country's rich tradition by diversifying their processing methods. This innovative lot applies Anaerobic Honey processing for a boozy, fruity cup profile. 

In this process, coffee is first floated and separated by density before being laid on rasied bed where workers remove underripes, overripes and damaged cherry. Then, ripe cherry is collected again and sealed in airtight, 20kg plastic bags that are stored in a cool, dry location for 7 days. 

After 7 days, cherry is pulped and then laid again on raised beds to dry. The beds are located in domes that protect the coffee from the elements, and will dry here for around 20 - 23 days. When dry, the coffee is milled and sorted by hand. 



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