Brazil | Fazenda - Santa Monica Lot 58

Cup characteristics: Caramel, Purple Grape, Blackcurrant

Process | 24 Hour Fermentation

Varietal | Yellow Catuai 2SL

MASL |  1200 - 1300


Located in the Alta Mogiana region, the farm is within 3 different municipalities: Ibiraci, Cassia and Capetinga. 

At Ibiraci, producer Jean Vilhena Falerios focuses 100% on high grade specialty coffee, having separated driers for micro-lots only and 6000 metres square of raised beds. His farm is also famous for previous Brazilian Cup of Excellence coffees. 

For this lot, Jean kept the coffee fermenting for 24 hours in bags, a method to exclude oxygen and aids the fermentation process. 

Under this controlled environment, the fermentation adds in complex layers and alcoholic like flavours to the coffee.  

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