International Women's Day - Papua New Guinea | Ti Aura Women's Coffee Group

Cup characteristics: Tangerine, Malt, Dried Apricot

Every year, International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 to spread the message of gender equality and work together in making a better society where there is no gender bias. This year, the United Nations declared the theme of the day as - Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.

Process | Washed
Varietal | Arabica 2021
MASL | 1500 - 1700

The Ti Aura Women's Coffee Group is a collaboration between some of Papua New Guinea's most influential women in coffee - Ellise George, Sullyn Lomutopa, Mauree Kahento, and Mrs Ise.

Ms Ellise George has worked as a school teacher and moved to coffee QC and has taught all facets of coffee quality control from purchasing to export. 

Sallyn Lomutopa farms Arabica and Blue Mountain Tipica coffee that is handpicked and of high quality. She represents and stands to support women who are small-scale producers.

Mauree Kahento from the Korona plantation runs her family plantation which was purchased by her parents in 1985. Mauree has done some major renovations to the Korona mill to improve the space and efficiency of processing. 

Mrs Ise hails from the Henganofi district and is a coffee grower with a network of local farmers. She has a small dry mill situated just outside of Goroka. 

This PNG single-origin coffee is suitable for espresso, plunger, V60, Aeropress, and Chemex. To get the best out of your beans and to learn more about different brewing techniques check out our brew guides.



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