Ethiopia | Abebe Shontu - Yirgacheffe

Cup characteristics: Lemon, Strawberry, Rose, Blueberry


Process | Natural
Varietal | JARC Varieties, Local Landraces
MASL | 1900

Abebe Shontu uses agroforestry techniques to produce both food and cash crops. Agroforestry also creates the ideal shaded microclimate for his coffee.

Coffee is intercropped with food and other cash crops. Abebe's farm is organic by default. He upkeeps his farm with periodic mulching, composting and pruning to boost yields. 

Abebe selectively handpicks ripe, red cherry and lays it to dry on raised beds, he turns cherry frequently to ensure even drying. 

The Lalisaa project supports Abebe in his dedication to produce high-quality coffees and export them. Lalissa is a term used to describe something that is flourishing and growing. The project encourages strong growing practices and helps farmers take control of their part of the supply chain by partnering directly with smallholders. 



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