Where We Stand

At The Little Marionette, we take a holistic approach to sustainability. For us, being sustainable is more than eliminating single use plastics or acting against climate change. Responsible production is at the forefront for The Little Marionette, where we re-evaluate our supply chain from farm to consumer. As a company we are committed to the future of the coffee industry and ensuring everyone can enjoy a cup of coffee for many years to come.


Our mission is to respect the environment that gifts us our beautiful green beans . Everything with our Marionette blue has to mean green. From biodegradable takeaway cups and lids, supporting reusable KeepCup initiatives and organisations, like plantatree.org, that give back to our environment.

The Little Marionette supports the work of World Coffee Research and their insights into coffee quality and productivity. The essential research on the coffee plant (coffea) and on the conditions that help it thrive to ensure farmers and producers are supported.