Since our backyard beginnings, The Little Marionette has pulled the right strings to bring coffee to life.

Founded by Ed with the intention of making great coffee accessible to all, this vision has continued through till today. From winning over locals as a hole-in-the-wall café in Sydney’s inner west, we have grown into a specialty roaster at the forefront of the coffee industry in Australia. 

The Little Marionette has expanded to ensure that a quality cup of coffee is never far away from Aussies and coffee savants alike. Each of our global outposts replicate the original hole-in-the-wall philosophy that made Australia fall in love with The Little Marionette. 

With a flavour first philosophy, our coffee hunters scour the world’s best coffee regions forming lasting relationships with coffee growers. These partnerships allow us to gather the finest beans from small, naturally processed lots; never compromising on quality. When sourcing, we seek ethical coffees and sustainable opportunities to give back to the communities from which we source.

Our team creatively roast the finest beans, creating full bodied and crowd pleasing blends, small batch single origins and fresh filter roasts to entertain even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.