MOCU Saucers Set of 2


The MOCU Saucer is an accessory for the MOCU Coffee Line that can be used with the MOCU Server, the MOCU Filter, and both the MOCU Coffee and Espresso cups.

Dimensions: 120 mm x 14 mm



MOCU by Mato | Saucers – Set of 2

  • Stylish stackable design
  • Thick ceramic stoneware
  • Available in matte white, grey or black

Saucers fit all MOCU range including espresso, coffee cups and drip filter.

The MOCU Coffee Line is a modular and customizable coffee set.

Much like wine lovers do, coffee lovers today obsess over subtleties of flavour, coffee varietal and provenance, or ‘terroir’. A lot of attention is paid to the equipment used and it isn’t uncommon to find high quality grinding and brewing machines in a coffee-loving home. And yet, with all this care taken to source high quality beans and use the optimal preparation method, it seems strange that the same attention is rarely paid to the drinking vessel.

MOCU by Mato was born out of this realisation. We wanted to design a cup that was all about the aroma. With its unique wine-glass shape, the MOCU coffee cup allows you to aerate your coffee just as you would a wine. The aromas are then directed to your nose to draw in the distinctive flavors of the roast.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 29.5 x 21 x 8 cm